I took this picture  today. It’s beginning, the beginning of the end of late summer. My favorite time of year🧡. The time when things show their true value in bold colors of inspiration. The time when leaves fall away teaching us how we might begin to let go.  The air becomes dry and crisp, feeling like it has an edge. It’s also the time we begin to think about the winter and all the last minute todos. We’ve got to have our shit together if we are going to make it through those long cold dark months ahead and we must begin to make choices about what we must cut away from our lives. In Chinese Medical Philosophy, Autumn is the season of the Metal Element. The Season that corresponds to the color white, the movement of descending, the sound of wheeping, the odor of rot, and the emotion of grief, the organs of the lung and the large intestine. The ideas of finding value and inspiration, understanding our relationship to loss, death and dying, grief, inspiration,  and finding value.  I look forward to exploring these topics with you all this season! #5elementacupuncture #chinesemedicine #metalelement #autumn🍁 #vesselacupunctureandsomaticmedicine

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