Healthy movement is essential to our health and can be a huge component of building vitality.  How much do you move your body?  How do you feel when you move?  Do parts of you feel tight or stuck?  Do you feel like you have no control over your movements? How does the movement in your body, mirror the movement of your mind and vise versa?  The body and the mind do not operate independently of each other, but are intricately knitted together. Nor are they separate from the patterns that occur in nature.   Are you one of those people who never stops moving like running water or whipping wind?  Or are you someone who can’t seem to move, stuck in the mud?  Do you know how to go with the flow? I certainly struggle with flowing with the winds of change.

In Chinese Medicine, movement is carefully tracked through the seasons and yearly cycles.  It is important that we flow with the seasons.  In nature it is said that there are 8 winds and BL12-Feng Men, is the gateway of these winds.  Living in Palmer, Alaska, my relationship with wind has become quite intimate.  Sometimes it feels that Palmer is BL-12, The Gateway of Winds.  Some days there is so much movement that it can feel a little out of control,  other times the gentle breeze brings a sense of calmness.

BL-12 is a point that is used during the onset of a cold.  We hear the phrase you have “caught” a cold.  In Chinese medicine, a cold is often called pathogenic Wind.  This point can make sure that the  pathogenic factor brought in by the wind doesn’t penetrate further and helps relieve symptoms like stuffy nose, sneezing, aversion to cold, and headache.

In her book Character of Wisdom, Debra Kaatz notes that when this point/gateway is in health, then “all of our meridians can flow in harmony with both internal and external influences and move with fluidity through each cycle.  Feng Men gives us exactly the right energetic wind to adjust and profit from each season”, even the windy season!

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