Re-Opening and COVID 19

I am excited to be Re-Opening VAST and to begin our work together again.  Please read through the following information and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions at COVID-19 Protocols This document has been written to ensure the safety of VAST patients and to meet the State of Alaska mandate […]

Autumn – Metal Phase

  I took this picture  today. It’s beginning, the beginning of the end of late summer. My favorite time of year🧡. The time when things show their true value in bold colors of inspiration. The time when leaves fall away teaching us how we might begin to let go.  The air becomes dry and crisp, […]

San Jiao-22, Harmony Bone

In Chinese Medicine the San Jiao is an organ system that is often transferred over to Western Medicine as the Fascia of the Body and/or the Endocrine System.  Translated as Triple Burner, the San Jiao has a lot to do with communication among all aspects of being, but especially with our outer environment and within […]

Bladder 12-The Gateway of Winds

Healthy movement is essential to our health and can be a huge component of building vitality.  How much do you move your body?  How do you feel when you move?  Do parts of you feel tight or stuck?  Do you feel like you have no control over your movements? How does the movement in your […]

Small Intestine-5, Yang Valley

Its quite possible that in one day our brains are processing more information than our ancestors had to process in a lifetime.  We are constantly being bombarded with new material.  We are living in the age of information: news, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Documentaries, Movies, TV Series, Radio Stations, This Blog. It easy to get […]

Stomach-41, Released Stream

Stomach-41, Released Stream is the fire point on an Earth Meridian.  The imagery that is conveyed in this point is that of a stream that is blocked or constrained. Pressure is building.  In the Stomach meridian  this can look like excessive heat in the channel:  heartburn, indigestion, nausea, front headaches, constant hunger, or food stagnation. […]

Liver-3, Supreme Rushing

Often unexpressed communication can lead to resentment and stagnation, specifically in the Liver Meridian.  This can manifest as digestive complaints, a feeling of something stuck in the throat, pain in the rib and diaphragm region, and migraines. Clearly communicating our needs and feelings is very important for our health.  LV-3, Supreme Rushing, also called “happy […]

My Story

At 30 years old I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. I was told I would never be able to become pregnant. And that for all extensive purposes I was in menopause. I definitely was suffering from menopausal  symptoms:  hot flashes, night sweats, temperature dysregulation, unstable emotions, dry vagina, painful sex and weight gain. I became […]


Chinese Medicine and Somatic Therapy are a potent force in mind/body medicine. Chinese Medicine has historically been handed down orally and through lineages. These lineages still exist today and provide a container for this ancient medicine to be passed on from generation to generation. I am a vessel for this vast medicine. It is an […]