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Elissa is a skilled, intuitive practitioner whose treatments are the reason I encourage friends and family to seek out acupuncture as a healing modality in their own lives. Her care made a profoundly positive impact on my core health and wellness. Elissa is highly trained, deeply well-read, and in touch with the spirit, mind, and heart of Five Element medicine. This is easy to understand from the first meeting with her. As a healer, her kind, warm attention invited openness from me as a client and overtime, it became clear that her natural gifts for listening leads the way into her healing art. She sought to understand the picture of my health from the outside in at a pace that was truly comfortable for me, respecting my boundaries and feelings, valuing them as integral to the process of building relationship. The time and focus she brought to the acupuncture treatments guided me in understanding my anxiety, depression, and emotional states—she is a great seeker/teacher to work with. Elissa is a great communicator, too, frequently checking in post-treatment and happy to take feedback that brings treatment in new directions. The healing knowledge and self-understanding I gained from working with her is truly priceless. She is really a gem in the world.


Elissa is an incredible acupuncturist that truly cares about healing at the root of the problem. You will never be just another client with her.  She loves what she does and it can be felt in treatments


From the outset it was presented to me the goal was to become more wholly myself again. Elissa worked diligently with the team of 5 element practitioners to balance my system. My case was particularly tenacious with menopause, hospital work stress and chronic neck pain at play. The entire person is considered-Elissa spent many hours talking with me and listening to my pulses. Her commitment and attentiveness exceeded my expectations. She genuinely cares about and wholeheartedly works with her patients to achieve their goals. In the end the headaches did not go completely away, but were diminished and interestingly my core life spirit was invigorated. My connection to art was rekindled/remembered and a general sense of wholeness felt.


The was my first acupuncture experience.  I came to Elissa in a moment of desperation with excruciating tooth pain and jaw pressure.  I was a little nervous to try needles, but Elissa was very comforting and it was not at all painful. Within about 30 minutes, I was blown away that the pain was gone.  Over the weekend, Elissa helped keep the pain at bay until I could get to a dentist.  In the process of this event, I was introduced to the beauty and efficacy of Chinese Medicine. I highly recommend Elissa and Chinese Medicine.


I came to see Elissa with neck pain so severe that I could not turn my head.  From just one treatment, the pain was greatly reduced and I felt very relaxed.  The hot stone therapy felt amazing and was a great complimentary therapy with the needles.


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