In Chinese Medicine the San Jiao is an organ system that is often transferred over to Western Medicine as the Fascia of the Body and/or the Endocrine System.  Translated as Triple Burner, the San Jiao has a lot to do with communication among all aspects of being, but especially with our outer environment and within social relationships.  

This point is the exit point for the channel. It is also a meeting point of the Gallbladder, Small intestine and San Jaio Channels. These channels have a lot to do with our ability to understand:   clarity, discernment, “feeling the temperature of the room”.  

In his book the Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, Lonny Jarrett states, “These three yang meridians are prone to stagnant Qi and excess heat that can agitate the mind and cause dysfunction in our senses of hearing and vision that preclude accurate perception of our reality.” This can look like confusion, hysteria, anxiety, black/white judgements, and  hearing and seeing things differently than they actually occur.  

Located anterior to the upper boarder of the root of the ear, San Jiao-22, brings harmony to these three channels, leading the way to balance and clarity. Used symptomatically, this point can also be used for Deafness, Wind Headache, Tinnitus, Lockjaw, and Nasal Discharge. 

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