Its quite possible that in one day our brains are processing more information than our ancestors had to process in a lifetime.  We are constantly being bombarded with new material.  We are living in the age of information: news, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Documentaries, Movies, TV Series, Radio Stations, This Blog. It easy to get bogged down with all of the random details.  Our thinking gets foggy, our minds get tired and we can begin shutting things out, even the essentials.   How do we sort through all of the details and keep what is essential?  Finding this clarity is the responsibility of the Small Intestine Official as it sorts the pure from the impure.  The Fire Point on the Small Intestine meridian, SI-5, Yang Valley, burns away the impurities of that which is not necessary while retaining what is valuable.  This helps us to find greater clarity in the heart as well as in our day to day living.


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