Chinese Medicine and Somatic Therapy are a potent force in mind/body medicine.

Chinese Medicine has historically been handed down orally and through lineages. These lineages still exist today and provide a container for this ancient medicine to be passed on from generation to generation. I am a vessel for this vast medicine. It is an honor to be part of the long line of lineage holders honoring the wisdom of the Five Elements.

Like Chinese Medicine, Somatic therapies recognize that the body and the spirit/mind are not separate. Somatic Therapies harness the power of the mind through mind/body awareness practices. This is important work, for the body is a vessel for the spirit, which animates all things. The work that I do acknowledges that you are a whole person, not just a body. Yes, I treat physical conditions, but these conditions are so often linked to our emotional world through our feelings, stressful events, storylines that we create and life experiences that aren’t fully integrated into our bodily experience.

Creating a sacred and safe place to facilitate and promote healing and transformation is the promise that I make to my patients.

My work as an acupuncturist is my life’s passion. It isn’t just a job. My patients aren’t just a number in the ledger. I truly care about people and our shared humanity. My business is a platform where I can initiate change. It is a platform where I can explore, live and share the deepest questions of our existence with my clients:

  • Fire: What does it mean to Love?
  • Water: What does is mean to rest in the deepest mysteries?
  • Earth: What does it mean to care?
  • Wood: What does it mean to deeply evolve?
  • Metal: What does it mean to accept life as life is?*

In living these questions, we manifest vitality and aliveness. We fully participate in life.

*Questions passed down to me by my teacher, Alexander Love.

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